NON-RESIDENT TOURISM/BUSINESS VISA                                                UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                                                                


1. The applicant must be present at the Consulate General in order to apply for the visa.  If the applicant cannot be at the Consulate, a note is required explaining the reason why the person is unable to apply at this Consular seat, addresed to the Consul General A LUIS GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ. Please include a prepaid return envelope in order to sent your documents back to you once they're ready. You must print, complete and sign the AFFIDAVIT which explain that the lost of the envelope IS NO RESPONSABILITY OF THE CONSULATE GENERAL OF PARAGUAY (below can download the document).

2. Visa application form fully completed and signed.
Minors under 18 years old cannot sign the visa application; it must be signed by the father and mother or by the legal custodian. If the parents or the legal custodian are not traveling with the minor, they must authorize the trip by submitted a written travel authorization signed before a Public Notary. They must also submit to the Consulate copies of the following documents: minor's birth certificate, passport or valid ID cards of the parents or the legal custodian and document of legal custody (if applicable)

3. Passport: the Consulate will not issued a VISA without the original passport. The passport must be valid at least for six (6) months.

4. One (1) passport size color picture (2"x2") with white background.

5. In order to apply for a visa at this Consulate, it's mandatory to set an appointment. To set an appointment, please call to the 305-374-9090. The waiting period time is 36 hours approximately. 

6. The cost of multiple entry visa is U$S 160.00. The payment must be made in MONEY ORDER or CASHIER CHECK..


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