RESIDENT TEMPORARY/PERMANENT VISA                                                                

1. The applicant must be present at the Consulate General in order to apply for the visa.

2. Visa application form fully completed and signed.
Minors under 18 years old cannot sign the visa application; it must be signed by the father and mother or by the legal custodian. If the parents or the legal custodian are not traveling with the minor, they must authorize the trip by submitted a written travel authorization signed before a Public Notary. They must also submit to the Consulate copies of the following documents: minor's birth certificate, passport or valid ID cards of the parents or the legal custodian and document of legal custody (if applicable)

3. Passport: the Consulate will not issued a VISA without the original passport. The passport must be valid at least for two (2) years.

4. Two (2) passport size color picture (2x2 inc) with white background.

5. Criminal or police record of the country of origin (FBI records) issued in the place of residence for the last five (5) years, duly legalize by the Consulate General. Exempted from this obligation minors under fourteen (14) years old.

6. Medical certificate issued by a health authority, which set the psychophysical condition of the applicant, duly legalize by the Consulate General.

7.  Birth certificate and marital status certificate, duly legalize by the Consulate General.

8. Affidavit before a Notary Public authorized within the jurisdiction of the Consulate General.

9. Diploma or solvency certificate, duly legalize by the Consulate General.

10. The cost of the temporary/permanent visa is U$S 135.00. The payment must be made in money order or cashier's check payable to the CONSULATE OF PARAGUAY. Personal and company checks are not accepted.


     To issued the Temporary/Permanent visa, the Consulate General must request an authorization from the Department of Inmigration to grant the visa, communicated throught the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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