Requirements for obtaining a Non-Resident Visa

* Application must be fully completed and signed by the passport holder, exactly as signed in applicant passport.

* A passport-sized photograph (2x2 inch).

* In case of a Government Official or a Business trip, a letter is required from the institution or company explaining the reason for the trip.

* Must present a international medical insurance with a complete health coverage including attention for COVID-19 cases;RT-PCR test, laboratory studies, outpatient care, hospitalization, ICU.

* For minors (under the age of 18 years old), the application must be signed by both parents and a copy of the birth certificate must be included. If the minor will be traveling alone or in the company of only one of the parents or a third party, then an authorization signed before a notary public by both parents is required as well copy of the parent's identity documents with visible signatures.

* The Consulate will be unable to issue out a Visa without the original passport. The passport must be valid at least six (6) months.

* In order to apply in person, an appointment MUST be made by phone prior. Please call: 305-374-9090.

* The cost of a multi-entry visa for a US citizen is $160.00. The payment must be made by one of the following options: MONEY ORDER or CASHIER CHECKS and must be made out on behalf of the Consulate General of Paraguay. No other type of payments will be accepted. To verify the cost of non-resident visa for other countries, please send an email to:

* Applicant has the flexibility of sending all required documents via mail, with a pre-paid envelope (USPS, FEDEX, UPS) and include a tracking number. Applicants must send an AFFIDAVIT (provided below) which states that any lost mail is no responsibility of The Consulate General of Paraguay. Once the documents are received by our office, the processing time is one (1) week.

*Non American citizen must inquire about costs and additional documents writing to




The Non-Resident Visa on Arrival are provided at the international airport Silvio Pettirossi in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Requirements to obtain a Non-Resident Visa on Arrival

* Valid passport for at least six (6) months.

*Must present a international medical insurance with a complete health coverage including attention for COVID-19 cases; RT-PCR test, laboratory studies, outpatient care, hospitalization, ICU.

*Travelers must complete the Health Card electronically 24 hours before their flight.

* Payment is ONLY in cash for the establish amount.

* The costs for the Non-Resident Visa are as follows:
  • Citizen of AUSTRALIA:                                 $135.00
  • Citizen of CANADA:                                     $150.00
  • Citizen of UNITED STATE OF AMERICA:       $160.00
  • Citizen of NEW ZEALAND:                           $140.00
  • Citizen of RUSSIA:                                       $160.00
Only citizens of the countries listed above can obtained the Non-Resident Visa on Arrival. Citizens of other countries must apply previously in the Consulate General to obtain a Visa.

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